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February 2023

The Old Shirt Technique

OK, I've taught folks this method for dealing with anxiety when leaving a dog home alone, or traveling, or whatever, but never had need to do it myself. You know, take an old piece of clothing, leave it in their kennel or on the couch or in their dog bed, so they can smell you. Well... let me share with you an experiment I did the past two weeks.
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Haqihana Harnesses

I just got Luna Belle a new harness. A Haqihana 2H harness to be exact. And I got a leather line from them, also. I’ll talk about the leash in another blog post. Now, I have to say, it took me a tad bit to figure it out. Even after watching their video on how to adjust it. The video was a 1H, the second belly strap kept confusing me. But after a little bit I got it figured out. I've put it on Luna Belle a few times now. We’ve been out walking with it, both on and off leash, and I am blown away.
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Learning Never Stops, Ever!

As a professional I am always learning and working to understand dog language and behavior more and more. I try new techniques with Luna Belle all the time. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out three new behaviors with her. In this blog post, I’ll share what I did and what I observed and how it has changed my interactions with Luna Belle. Read More…

Busting The Dominance/Pack Myths

Many trainers, behaviorists and dog owners today are still buying into an old, outdated, and very flawed myth about dominance and pack mentality in domesticated dogs, and in wild wolves, also. In this blog post I’m going to explain the truth and bust those old myths, based on science.
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