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Potty Train Any Dog

Potty training, along with loose leash walking, are two of the more difficult things for owners to teach their dogs. At least in my experience. In this blog post I’m going to discuss a book that help with potty training a dog of any age, any breed, along with a couple of my own tips. I have had to read these as part of my trainer studies and found them to be really super helpful. Very highly recommended, let’s take a look.

Let’s start with potty training. Understand that up to 20 weeks, puppies do not have full bladder control. So cut them some slack, just like human infants, they haven’t developed those muscles and awareness yet. During this time, let them out to potty no longer than once an hour, more often if needed. 7-12 weeks, especially small breeds, may need to go more often. Every 30 minutes is a good target, but don’t be surprised is 15 minutes later they need to go again. Early mornings and later in the evenings will be the busiest potty times for puppies. And there’s more to it, an actual technique that works.

But before I go into that, let me state that there is NO magic bullet that will potty train a dog overnight. Simply defies how a dog’s body and brain works. So please do not spend money on quick-potty-train scams. ALL dog training takes time and effort. A good dog owner finds these fun to do. And we’re talking 10-15 minutes twice a day, for 2-3 months, and that’s all! The payoff is YEARS of a relaxed, comfortable, mutually satisfying relationship with your dog! That’s about the best ROI I’ve ever seen in my 62 years on any investment! Right?

OK, so the rest of the potty training program that I recommend… I’m going to recommend a book by Karen B. London, Ph.D and Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D titled “Way To Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age.” It’s an easy, quick book. Only 22 pages, small book (almost a booklet) and only $3.95 on
Amazon (less for the Kindle version).

This fantastic little gem is required reading in most all legitimate dog trainer certification programs. That’s how on-target it is! I can’t recommend it highly enough. Please don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a trainer for potty training. And yes, that means I’m stealing you away from giving me your money. But I believe an honest pet professional is a good pet professional.

I will add this tip that I’ve used with all of my own dogs, and it is so helpful in the long run! You begin with a new dog (puppy or older dog) first arriving at your home. That is when potty training starts! So when you supervise your dog outside, when you see them getting prepared to potty, say “Go Potty! Go Potty! Good dog! Go Potty! Good dog!” Say this while there are doing potty, also. When they’re done, treat, pet, reward, show how happy you are. Then in the long run, after they’re property housetrained, you can use this command throughout their life. I work early on Sunday mornings. I have limited time for Luna Belle to eat and potty, as I’ll be gone several hours at work. I really need her to potty before I leave. Otherwise I’ll be cleaning up my den floor when I get home.

Some mornings, she’s just not in the mood. So I let her sniff around a bit, but after she’s been up and walking around the yard (I am blessed to have a very large, fenced in back yard), I can say “Go Potty” and she will make the effort. She knows what I need from her, she does her best to comply, and 99 out of 100 times, she potties and I come home to a clean house after work. When on the road, I may stop to stretch my legs and give her a potty break. Well, she gets so involved in sniffing everything (she sniffs like no other dog I’ve ever owned), but we have limited time, I use “Go Potty, belly-girl” do get her to move it along, and she does. Yes, her full name is Looney Tunes Von Belly Jelly Von Balser. But we call her Luna Belle for short.

So get that book, read it, twice (seriously, twice), get your puppy or older dog housetrained properly! I mean, minimal effort, minimal time, and $4! That’s the best dog training bargain I’ve ever seen! Can’t say enough about this book. Go get it now!

And as always, never forget, your dog is F-A-M-I-L-Y! Not a robot! A living, breathing, feeling, emotional being, just like you!