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July 2022

The German Shepherd’s Creed:

Life lessons my GSD Luna Belle has taught me this past year of living with her.
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Caring For K9s In The Summer Heat

The summer heat normally is a major health issue for humans. According to WebMD, about 6,000 people a year seek emergency treatment for heat illnesses.

And for dogs it’s the same, if not worse, because they can’t shed off internal heat as well as humans can. Let’s look at how a dog’s body works with heat and how we can help protect them from overheating.
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Why Do Some Dogs Run Away & Some Don't?

There are very solid reasons why some dogs run away and some dogs do not. I was sparked to further research and write about this subject by two recent clients who asked, and by the shocking number of runaway dogs I see locally in my area on the Nextdoor social media site. So here’s the scoop, but first I’ll use Luna Belle as an example. Mind you, I put in the required work! A dog is work, a lot of work and money, but the rewards are simply amazing and beautiful. Read More…

The New FETCH.training Blog!

Welcome to the new FETCH.training blog! Read More…