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Family Essential Tutoring for Canine Handlers


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Does your dog run out and away every time you open the door? They could run into the street and get hit by a car! But that can be changed, forever!

Now imagine your dog waiting for permission to go through that door?

What if I told you that was actually pretty easy to do? Well, it does require 15 minutes a day, which in reality is really super easy to do.

The fact is, you’ll have your dog for about 10-15 years. 15 minutes a day is a fantastic investment when the returns are a wonderful, relaxing relationship with your dog, understanding each other, being a happy family together, for 10-15 years! I mean, am I right?

With several years of training behind me, my focus is on family dogs and their owners/handlers. I offer private 1-on-1 training with the family, or single owner, to help you and your dog communicate with each other, behave in mutually beneficial ways, and give you and your dog a well bonded, enjoyable, fun life together. Because, although I say it all the time, it is so very true,
“Our dogs are family!”

Lessons are once a week for 4 weeks, covering the essential basics of family dog training, and includes on-going access to myself online for help. I’ll help you to teach your dog: sit, lie down, stay, door manners, come, heel, off, down, place, all for only $200.

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Luna Belle has been featured on the
J&J Dog Supplies web site!

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My own dog Luna Belle is enrolled in the Dog Aging Project, learning how to help both humans and dogs live longer, healthier lives! We endorse this project wholeheartedly! Click the image above for more info.

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If you’re interested in getting a nice photo of your dog, l can help with that, also!
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